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Woman Who Lost Child From Ectopic Pregnancy is Stunned to be Told Months Later She’s STILL Pregnant With Its Twin!

Sadie Brittle and her husband lost their baby to an ectopic pregnancy, the baby had already fully developed for 8 weeks in one of Sadie’s Fallopian tubes before it ruptured and her pregnancy could not be saved.

Their loss was really devastating to the both of them and it forced Sadie to take a break from work and a small vacation three months after the event. Sadie’s stomach was still a little bit swollen after her surgery that removed the ectopic pregnancy and she thought perhaps it was just a side effect.

She had to go back to the doctor and the results were something that she never expected to happen, Sadie was still pregnant and a pregnancy test confirmed it. It turned out that initially she was pregnant with twins and one of the babies survived in her womb.

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During her surgery doctors could not see the second baby in her womb because it was hidden by the bleeding from the ruptured tube and scans could not detect the pregnancy either.

A few months later Sadie gave birth to her baby, Teddie, via C-section. Even though they are sad that Teddie will grow up without his twin but they are grateful and thankful to God for their baby.

With what happened to the Brittle family, it gives more reason to believe in the fact that when God takes away something from you, he always has a reason and a plan for you, a better plan than what you had expected.

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