US Marine Surprises Parents With Emotional Return During Church Service


U.S. Marine Dave Woodruff had been away from his parents and family for two long years and understandably so, had missed out on a number of family occasions. However, there was one event he was planning on not missing out on, his dad’s 53rd birthday. This was possible after he learnt that his deployment abroad was going to end a little earlier than he had expected.

So he decided to give his parents the surprise of a lifetime. With the help of a few of his friends back home,  he was able to pull off  his plan smoothly. While Dave’s parents were attending service at Christ the King Church in Deville, New Jersey, just before the service ended, the pastor said, “We have a little treat before I dismiss everyone.”

The pastor then proceeded to play a sweet clip of Dave wishing his dad a happy early birthday on a screen he pulled up. In the clip the U.S Marine explained that he wanted to do something special for his parents since he had missed out two of his dad’s birthdays while he was on active duty.

He also told them how much he loved and missed them. As the clip played, his mom got overwhelmed by emotions as a few tears escaped her eyes and she can be seen removing her glasses to wipe them away.

Every parent whose child is in the military or anyone who has a family member in the military or away from home can truly understand how much of a relief it is to finally see them after months or even years of constantly worrying if they are safe, if they are coming home or if you will ever see them again.

It is always such a beautiful sight to see families reuniting after such a long time apart and Dave’s surprise for his parents completely won us over!