Pregnant Mom Flying Alone Captures Moment Fussy 1-Year-Old Passes Out in Stranger’s Arms


Jessica Knapp from Mississippi recently boarded a flight with her one year old toddler who was tired and quite fussy. Understandably, she dreaded even getting on that plane. However, her trip turned out to be the complete opposite of what she was expecting, all thanks to the kindness of complete strangers.

“I was not looking forward to flying with a one-year-old again while five months
pregnant, completely alone.” Jessica confessed in a Facebook post.

A couple, known only by their first names Lisa and Kevin, sat next to Jessica. They were so warm and happily opened their arms to the child relieving his mom of much dreaded stress. In a sweet Facebook post, Jessica expressed her immense gratitude to the kind couple and hopes her experience will inspire more people to be a little more kind and helpful even in the smallest of situations. The post reads:

“To the couple in 27A-B. I’ve always seen these stories circling Facebook, but truly didn’t believe this would ever happen to me.
It happened. Yesterday we were flying home, and I was that person on the plane with a 1 year old cranky baby. Ya know, the one you NEVER want to be seated next to? Yeah, hi there👋🏼

Lord must have known I was dreading this last flight, and put me next to these people for a reason. These past 3 weeks were the most stressful time, I was NOT looking forward to flying with a one year old again, while five months pregnant, completely alone. But before we even took off, my son was asleep in your arms. A complete strangers arms.

You see, he’s not one for strangers at all. When he crawled over me while everyone was still boarding to look out the window, you didn’t hesitate to show him all the lights outside, you made him laugh, you made him feel so safe in your arm that he fell asleep! I cant begin to thank you for giving me that “break” that moms always need but never ask for. You held him until he woke up, I think from us laughing so hard.

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We talked for hours. About life, our jobs, being a mom, traveling. The 3 gin and tonics we had a bet about to see if they would let you order them before we started to descend. You gave him your snacks, you entertained him! You made the most dreaded flight become one memory that will last a lifetime.

I didn’t catch your last name, and I really would like to say thank you for restoring my faith in humanity just when we needed it most.
This amazing couple is from Buffalo NY, and their first names are Kevin and Lisa! Please share this post in hopes of finding them and giving them the proper thank you they deserve! 💕

💕UPDATE! Thank
you to the amazing people of Buffalo! With your help, we were able to find Ms.
Lisa and Mr. Kevin!!! Thank you to all have shared our story and have gone
above and beyond to connect our two families! 🙏🏼