Mother Was About to Give Birth When the Nurse Delivered This Shocking News!


Shayla, a woman in Oklahoma was about to give birth in Moore Medical Center when the city officials announced a Level 1 Tornado warning. The medical stuff expected Shayla to have a normal typical birth without any complication but after the announcement things took a drastic turn. Shayla had already started experiencing contractions when this was happening and there was no way they could reschedule the birth. One of the nurses gave Shayla an injection to reduce the contractions while they evacuated the upper levels.

The nurses being worried about Shayla more than themselves, had to stay by her side all along so that nothing bad would happen to her. The tornado warning continued to rise, by the time it hit the hospital, Shayla’s epidural had immobilized the lower half of her body. The hospital floors started to shake and the ceiling caved in, all while Shayla was in active labor.

The nurse said, “My biggest fear is that Shayla is going to deliver in the middle of this nightmare and we’re going to lose her baby.” However, the nurses made it their mission to put Shayla and her baby first. Watch the video for the whole story on how Shayla miraculously survived the tornado and finally gave birth.
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