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Medical Student Saves Old Man Who Suffered a Heart-attack at the Train Station.

An elderly man suffered a heart attack and fell down at a train station in Jinzhou China. The man named Cui Yonglong would have probably succumbed to the heart-attack had he not received help from a medical student by the name Ding Hui, who was also waiting for her train.

When Cui , 81 years of age collapsed, the train operators began looking for a doctor who could offer him first aid as they waited for an ambulance that had already been notified about the situation. It was therefore necessary that he be accorded help immediately or he was not going to make it.

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Ding Hui , a medical student who although had not completed her studies decided to give a helping hand. Knowing very well that delaying in handling a patient who has suffered a heart attack, even if it’s for a few minutes, can prove to be very fatal, she quickly embarked on performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Cui YongLong.

Given the urgency of the situation , Ding Hui did not even get a chance to take off her bag or hat as she struggled to reanimate Cui as fast as she possibly could as other passengers looked on in astonishment.

While most courses are fair priced in China, medical courses are some of the most expensive. By performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the elderly man , his internal organs received oxygen and in a few moments he was able to get up much to the relief of everyone present as they anxiously watched Ding Hui struggle to bring him back to life.

Everyone was delighted that her heroic action had helped save the life of the old man. Ding didn’t leave Cui’s side as he recovered to ensure that he was okay as they awaited the arrival of the ambulance. She continued checking on his vital signs and make him comfortable as well in the best way she could.

The scene which occurred in Liaoning Northeast China was captured by many who ensured the video of the heroic act went viral. Many people who watched thanked Ding Hui for her relentless effort as Cui got helped and was taken to the hospital for further check up.

Ding Hui who had missed her train while trying to save Cui was gifted a first class ticket of the next train by the operators as a sign of appreciation. Later on,the media reported of how  Ding had turned down monetary gifts from Cui’s family who wanted to thank her for assisting the elderly man, saying that she saved Cui’s life as her duty and she never thought of being paid back in any way.

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