Homeless Man Who Returned $4,000 Engagement Ring to Woman Gifted $180,000 by People Moved by His Story.


Homeless man,Billy Ray Harris, lived under a bridge in Kansas City. One day in 2013 his life took a complete turn around when a woman named Sarah Darling passed where Billy was and put some change in his cup and accidentally dropped her $4000 diamond engagement ring in the process. At first Billy did not notice that an expensive ring was in his cup, until an hour later. Being in the condition that he was in, he thought of selling the ring and changing his life with the money he would have gotten but he trusted his gut feeling and kept the ring instead.

Sarah was panicking a lot when she returned to the same place she had seen Billy two days later. Deep inside she prayed that Billy had the ring, and sure enough, Billy dint disappoint Sarah’s expectations as he still had the expensive diamond ring with him. He fetched out the diamond ring from his pocket and handed it to her, but that was not the end of their encounter.

Sarah and her husband,Bill Krejci, befriended Billy and even started an online fundraiser to help him out. In just three months a staggering $180,000 was raised on the site which describes Mr Harris as ‘a great man who could use some help.’ With the money, Billy bought a house, a car and obtained a part-time job.

Speaking to TODAY, Billy said, “When I think of the past, I think, thank God that it’s over. I feel human now.” Mr Harris is grateful for the way his life has been turned around with the help of strangers. He added, “This is what they call the American Dream. I want to thank all the people that helped me out. I want them to see where all their efforts, blessings and kindness is going.” However, the best gift Billy got, was getting reunited with his estranged family who had not seen him in over ten years and had thought he was dead.

Being homeless and with no money for food, shelter, or even clothing is a difficult spot to be in, and with the opportunity that Billy had he would have changed his life in his own way but because of his strong morals and upright character he was awarded in a much greater way!