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Friends Bring Prom To Girl’s Home After Refusing To Attend The Event Due To Burned Face.

A fifteen year old high school student, Korryn Bachner, completely refused to attend her school’s prom after she got her face burnt in an explosion just two weeks prior to the event. However, her friends were bent on making sure she did not miss the one thing most teens look forward to the most in high school, so they decided to bring prom to her!

Korryn was one of 12 people who were badly injured after a teenage boy poured gasoline on a backyard fire pit, which caused an explosion. The incident that occurred on April 28 left her with severe burns that caused damage to 90% of her face and her hands.

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After having to spend two weeks in the hospital and a bandage wrapped all around her head, it is understandable why Korryn did not favor the idea of going to attend her school prom. However, her date to the prom, Jonathan, had the perfect plan to make sure she had just as good a time as she would have at the school event.

Jonathan and some of students who were friends of Korryn dropped by her home prior to the event, and decorated her family home to have that prom feel. They helped her dress up and took pictures with her.

Some of them then proceeded  to attend the prom at school, while others decided to stay and enjoy prom night with Korryn.

Speaking  to Fox News, Korryn’s mother, Ellen, said that while they had had some tough weeks prior to the event, her daughter was still able to enjoy prom.  “It was different, but she got to wear her dress and jewelry and take pictures with her friends.” She said.

She further revealed that Korryn’s close friend, Jonathan had decided to decorate her  basement as a surprise because he wanted to make the night as special as possible for the her.

“Having all my friends support, it helps a lot. It takes my mind off things,” Korryn said. While doctors expect Korryn to fully recover from the burns,  it will take months and a number of doctors’ appointments  for that to happen.


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