Emotional Moment Girl Meets the Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Life


Adriana Aviles was just 4 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia, but thanks to the kindness of a total stranger who decided to be her bone marrow donor, the little girl was able to beat the deadly disease. The moment Adriana finally meets the kind stranger will definitely tag at your heart strings and leave you a teary mess!

In 2015, Adriana and her family found out she had leukemia, just a day before mother’s day. Fortunately, three years after the diagnosis, they were able to celebrate this past mother’s day by meeting the kind man who saved little Adriana’s life.

In an emotional video that captured the moment they first met, Adriana is seen alongside her twin sister, Maiya, embracing Mike Laureano in a heart melting and tear-filled hug. Adriana is barely able to control her emotions as tears flow down her face and in a moment, both twins hold tightly onto the 29 year old man as they nuzzle their little heads into his neck.

Adriana’s mom, Jessy Aviles said, “Adri might only be 7-years-old, but her heart and mind are wise – she knows how incredible this gift of life was. Adriana fell apart as soon as she saw the sight of his car on our drive – not in a sad way, but in an overwhelmed, appreciative way. Within seconds of him arriving, she was in his arms thanking him for saving her life, which is where she stayed for the entire evening.”

“Mike is an incredible man. We felt so much love and comfort for him – our twin daughters fell in love with him instantly. We have a bond with him that will last forever. Words will never explain my gratitude for Mike. I wish I could hand him my heart and let him feel it, only then would he know what he has done for my family – it is beyond anything a word could describe.” She added.

Mike says he had decided to sign up to Be The Match after attending a donor drive at his university. Through Be The Match’s service, those who receive a donation are allowed to reach out to the donor one year later, which allowed the Avileses to reach out to Mike. “I never signed up for Be The Match to receive any recognition or to become anyone’s hero. I signed up because it was the right thing to do.” Mike said.

He further added, “I was a healthy individual living my life, so if I could help allow someone else to do the same then I, as a human being, have an obligation to do so. The warmth I felt in my heart after receiving a message from Jessy, Adri’s mum was overwhelming – I was overflowing with joy and happiness to be able to finally meet their amazing family.”