Emotional Moment Alzheimer’s Sisters Are Reunited For The First Time In 15 Years!


For 15 years, sisters, Marguerita Wilson and Ann Patrick, had not seen each other. The pair had drifted apart and had not gotten in touch until Ann’s granddaughter reunited the sisters last month. The pair who both have Alzheimer’s, melted hearts as they immediately recognized each other in one of the most heartfelt reunions ever!

Even though her condition left her struggling to communicate, the younger sister, 79 year old Ann, was incredibly happy to see her sister, she pulled her in for a big hug and lovingly stroked her cheek, as Marguerita, 88, broke into tears.

Louise Gover,  Ann’s granddaughter, met Marguerita by chance when she went to an Alzheimer’s day club, where Louise is a manager. Upon finding out Marguerita and Ann were siblings, Louise reached out to Marguerita’s daughter, Karina Benison, and arranged the reunion at Ann’s care home in Wiltshire.

Louise, “It was a very emotional meeting. My nan and Marguerita were delighted to see each other again, and everyone from family to the care home nurses were crying a few tears. Margaret was really emotional. She could not stop smiling and burst into tears at one point.” She added, “Unfortunately my nan’s Alzheimer’s is more advanced than Margaret’s and she has difficulty communication with speech, but she clearly recognized her sister and was delighted to see her.”

Recalling their first meeting, Louise said, “I was working in Trowbridge at the Alzheimer’s day club in May and this lady walked in. I thought, ‘gosh, she looks like my nan,’ and then when I was speaking to her I realised she had a similar accent. She told me she was originally from Belgium, which is where my nan is from, and as we were chatting away from there we realised that she was in fact Ann’s sister.”

Ann and Marguerita were born in a family of five children and lived in Belgium. Their mother, Mildred left her unhappy marriage when Marguerita and Ann were just 16 and 8 respectively and they moved to England where they have lived ever since. Both sisters have Alzheimer’s but Ann’s condition is more advanced than her sister’s.