Couple and Their 6 Kids Visit an Orphanage For Christmas After Selling Everything to Become ‘Nomads’


An Australian family, Sharny and Julius Kieser used to spend their every holiday season spoiling their six children with lots of gifts, so they decided that this year they would do something different and not give any of their children a single present. They decided to give up almost all their material possessions and live more of a nomadic life with their children.

They sold everything they owned and resorted to travel with the kids as nomads. This Christmas instead of the children receiving gifts, they were taken to the orphanage. In the locality the Australian family are visiting when women remarry they are forced to abandon their children. If those children are lucky they always end up in the nearby orphanage.


The conditions of the orphanage the family visited seemed unfit to live in and the sanitation was very poor but it’s where the abandoned children found comfort. “We stopped off at a local supermarket and bought some supplies and gifts since the orphanage is not government funded and could really do with some help. We had no idea what we were walking into.” Julius said.

The couple were heartbroken that yes they had given the orphanage all the supplies they could afford but the orphanage would still go back to square one after the supplies ran out. They were guilty the children did not have what they as a family had.
“We thought we had bought a lot and we thought it would make a difference but we were shocked, humbled and intimidated by the unending need for help that we could not give. No matter how much we try to live back in our lives again, to mentally escape, a part of each of us is still there. The saddest thing is that we just can’t help everyone.” Julius said.
The family teaches us an important lesson that even if we can’t help everyone, we can always try to help with the little we have.