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Baby Boy Born With a Full Head Of Silver White Hairs, Leaving Doctors and The Internet Stunned.

When Baby Bence was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, it was not just the fact that he came out of the womb exactly on time, on the date doctors had predicted weighing 5400 grams (11.90496 pounds) that had the doctors mesmerised. The little one had nurses in the maternity ward calling him “Prince Charming,” not only because of his adorable little face, but also because of his stunning snow-white hair that looked gloriously stylish!

Naturally, everyone jumped to different conclusions. The first seemed to make sense. Bence had some sort of albinism, and his hair clearly reflected a melanin deficiency in the child. A battery of tests, however, ruled that out. So doctors believed it was just a temporary pigmentation disorder.

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According to Daily News Hungry, doctors decided to have “His blood sample examined in Budapest because of the special pigment shortage”.

Although there has been no update on Bence’s current state, experts said his hair would most likely eventually darken as he ages.

As a matter of fact, since Bence’s story hit in 2015, another child’s birth in 2016 may indicate what is happening here. Little MilliAnna has a streak of white hair but her unusual feature is due to genetics. MilliAnna’s streak of hair is exactly on the spot where her mom’s is and her grandmothers’ as well.

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