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76-year-old mom rescued by a neighbor who discovered her little secret

Lucy Ashen has lived in Fulham England all her life. The mother of three has had the same neighbor for 21 years now. Lucy calls the 76 year old neighbor ”My lady” and the lady calls Lucy “Lucy Locket.” The two have only had an arm’s length relationship. They briefly waved from doorways. Lucy knew My lady was struggling with mental health issues but didn’t know how bad it was.

One day My lady accidentally locked herself out of her apartment so she asked Lucy for help. Lucy had to go into the apartment through an open window. She wasn’t ready for what was waiting for her on the other side.

Facebook/Lucy Ashen

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“There was no food, filthy clothes, nobody to help her bathe, and just never-ending loneliness and despair. What I saw when she finally let me in will stay with me forever! It was horrific! NOBODY should live like that.”

Lucy asked her teenage daughter to watch over My lady as she worked on her house. With My lady’s permission, Lucy dug in, and began sorting and tossing, disinfecting and cleaning. Lucy also posted on Facebook asking for help. My lady needed all the basic stuff clothes, furniture, and household supplies because nothing could be kept from the home.

Lucy got so much feedback within 24 hours. 80% of what My lady needed had been offered by total strangers from all over.  She got supportive messages, charities, mental health professionals, tradesmen, and all the others who pitched in to help.

Facebook/Lucy Ashen

“…with the kindness and generosity of the people who donated items, I have been able to turn her house into a home. She has everything she could need, a bed to sleep in, (she was sleeping on the floor) good clean furniture, fresh new bedding, beautiful new clothes, three meals a day and most importantly, company. She truly has been saved from a lonely and degrading life, she has been given her dignity back and I intend for her to live out the rest of her life in comfort and surrounded by love.”

Regular baths and change of clothes have restored a glow in My lady. Lucy’s teenage daughter offered to brush her hair regularly.

Facebook/My Lady and Me

“We have laughed, sung and danced around the front room! She had her first car ride in years! The sun was out, the windows were down, the music was was blaring and she was singing along! She loved it!

Facebook/My Lady and Me

Even though My lady finds trouble remembering Lucy’s name each time, she knows Lucy is there to help and support her.

Cheers to many more like Lucy!

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