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18 Amazing Ways Avocado Can Change Your Life!



If you are not fan of avocados, you are indeed missing out a lot! In case you are indulging on them on a regular basis, the ultimate guide to its health benefits will make you fall deeper in love with them!

18 Avocado Uses

Here are the 18 ways in which avocado will change your life, keeping your health at optimal level!

  1. Packed With Nutrients

Avocados are packed with 20 vitamins and minerals which are of utmost importance for good health and optimal body function. One avocado contains 53 percent of the RDI of vitamin K, 41 percent folate, 33 percent vitamin C, 28 percent potassium, 26 percent vitamin B6, 21 percent vitamin E, and 19 percent copper.

  1. Source of Fats

Most people consider avocados to be extremely fattening. However, its fats are good (monounsaturated), meaning that they are completely safe to ingest. As an added bonus, they help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  1. Weight Management

Not only is a great source of fat, but avocado has been shown to prevent hunger when eaten along with your healthy meals.  If you often reach for snacks afternoon, add avocados to your diet and you will feel much less inclined to snacking.

  1. Diabetes Prevention

Whine only an estimate, diabetes will affect 40 percent of Americans at certain point in their life. The good news is that there are a few things that can be done to lower the risk of this disease; one of which is keeping the blood sugar levels stable. According to a study in which a group of subjects ate lunches with avocado and the other without, those who had eaten avocado exhibited no increase in their blood sugar levels.

  1. Reduce Cholesterol

Avocados play critical role in unclogging arteries! It has been scientifically shown that eating avocados on a daily basis helps improve blood cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol and improving the good one.

  1. Fight Inflammation

Most modern diseases, including arthritis, heart disease, asthma, and allergies, stem from chronic inflammation.  Oleic acid has been found to lower inflammation in multiple studies, and is found in high quantities in avocados. Hence, avocados prevent damage to artery walls, which then lowers the risk of heart disease.

  1. Pain Relief

Avocado extract has been shown to reduce arthritis symptoms, and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, inflammatory-related pains and aches could be notably reduced by adding it to your diet.

  1. Control Blood Pressure

A diet high in sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension).  In addition to limiting your sodium intake, potassium ( found in avocados) can also go a long way in diminishing the effects of sodium and thus controlling your blood pressure levels.

9, Nutrient Absorption

Did you know that you can eat all fruits and veggies and still be failing to reap the full benefits of the their vitamins and minerals? The reason behind this is the fact that our intake of nutrients depends on our ability to absorb them. Adding avocado to a salad boosts the ability to absorb any fat soluble nutrients found in the rest of the ingredients, including vitamins A,D and E as well as many antioxidants.

  1. Eye Health

Avocados contain lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that are critical for combating macular degeneration- one of the leading causes of blindness in Americans today.

  1. Improve Brain Function

Avocados contain about 20 percent of the RDI for copper, a mineral that acts as brain stimulant. In addition, this mineral has been associated with innovative and creative thought processes.

  1. Boost Mood

Healthy fats present in avocados help increase endorphins and raise dopamine levels. Therefore, regular consumption of this fruit boosts mood and helps prevent any mood swings.

  1. Energy Boost

The same healthy fats release energy in the body during the day.  Adding avocado to your breakfast or lunch increases energy levels, slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, and prevents sugar crash that typically follows later on.

  1. Vital Nutrients For Expectant Mothers

Folate is of utmost importance for the development of the fetus, particularly the development of the baby`s spinal cord, bones, and brain. Pregnant women can eat avocados as great source of folate, vitamins B6 and C, and potassium.

  1. Improved Immunity

Those who are getting sick frequently should make avocado part of their daily diet. Vitamin C boosts the immune system while B vitamins help combat infection and illnesses.  To keep sickness away, load up on avocados as they contain all three defense-strengthening vitamins.

  1. Improved Digestion

Avocados are packed with many essential components, including fiber. One avocado contains about 54 percent of the RDI of fiber, which is critical for the digestive system.

  1. Strong Bones

The health of our bones depends on various vitamins and minerals, including copper, folate, and vitamin K. Amazingly, avocados are full of all of these three!

  1. Healthy Skin And Hair

Avocados can actually provide the same results as the expensive hair products offered on the market and marketed as the latest ‘beauty secret’.  As an added bonus, avocados are more natural, healthier, and safer to use.


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Man Hospitalized After Sniffing His Own Smelly Socks



Man Hospitalized After Sniffing His Own Smelly Socks

A 37 year old man has been hospitalized after sniffing his own socks for a little too long. The man who has been identified only as Peng from Zhangzhou, southeast China started having chest pains and decided to head to the hospital.

On arrival he was immediately admitted as an emergency case and the doctor ordered an X-ray to determine the cause of his pain as well as the cause of a cough that he had developed.

Man Hospitalized After Sniffing His Own Smelly Socks

Man Hospitalized After Sniffing His Own Smelly Socks

Peng was diagnosed with a fungal infection of the lungs, and had to stay put in hospital for treatment, while doctors determined the pretty unusual cause.

After taking an oral history from Peng, the doctors discovered that his condition was most likely caused by his habit of smelling his socks after he’d been wearing them.

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A fungal infection he had developed on his feet was transferred into his lungs when he sniffed his socks, inhaling some of the fungal spores as he did so.

A local newspaper, Fujian Daily,reported that Peng had revealed to the doctors that he had become “addicted” to smelling the socks he’d worn during the day.

Sniffing his socks most likely allowed the fungal spores to spread into his lungs, where they developed into a fungal infection.

Sniffing his socks most likely allowed the fungal spores to spread into his lungs, where they developed into a fungal infection.

This regular and prolonged deep sniffs of his own socks most likely allowed the fungal spores to spread into his lungs, where they developed into a fungal infection.

Speaking to the Fujian Daily,  Dr Mai Zhuanying at the Zhangzhou No. 909 Hospital said, “The infection could also be attributed to the patient’s lack of rest at home as he had been looking after his child, leading to a weaker immune system.”

Peng has been kept in hospital for treatment, and doctors say that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Before you panic and rush to the hospital to tell doctors about that time you sniffed your socks to check if they were clean, this is unlikely to happen to you. A quick sniff probably won’t cause you to be hospitalized, just don’t make it a habit!

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3 Activities That Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain



3 Activities That Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can cause substantial joint pain. Thus, patients with this condition often struggle to stay active. That’s understandable. It’s difficult to move around when your joints ache. However, if you have arthritis, it is actually very important to exercise regularly. Some experts even consider exercise to be the most effective arthritis treatment that doesn’t require patients to take drugs.

That said, you shouldn’t jump straight into a new fitness routine if you have arthritis. It may not be safe to perform certain exercises. Use direct access to physical therapy to coordinate with an expert that can help to develop a workout plan that fits your needs and abilities.

The types of activities they recommend will vary on a case-by-case basis. In general, though, the exercises will belong to one of the following categories:

 3 Activities That Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain

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1. Aerobic

Aerobic exercise is good for everyone because it promotes cardiovascular health. It’s particularly important for arthritic patients because it also promotes weight loss.

When you lose weight, the amount of stress your joints are under reduces. Staying active and adhering to a fitness plan will help you not only achieve a healthy weight, but also maintain it.

 3 Activities That Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain


2. Range-of-Motion

Range-of-motion exercises typically involve simple movements designed to help reduce joint stiffness. An example would be rolling your shoulders backwards repeatedly. These exercises are ideal for patients with limited mobility because they can be performed easily and anywhere.

 3 Activities That Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain

3. Strengthening

Your muscles protect your joints. Thus, it’s very important for people with arthritis to focus on exercises that strengthen muscles.

This usually involves some form of resistance exercise, such as lifting weights or doing push-ups. Again, you shouldn’t attempt such a routine on your own without speaking with your doctor and a professional first. Lifting weights is dangerous for anyone without the proper experience and information.  By coordinating with a professional, you’ll avoid injuring yourself.

You should also stick to a low-impact activities that are easier on your joints. For instance, walking or jogging is a lot better for an arthritic person than sprinting through rocky terrain.

Applying heat to your joints before working out can also help prevent stiffness later. Apply cold packs to your joints after exercising to reduce inflammation. Of course, you should also stop working out if you feel yourself getting too tired or experiencing too much pain.

That’s less likely to happen if you develop a fitness plan with expert help first. Again, exercise offers major benefits to arthritic people. You’ll get the most benefits when you work out safely.

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Young Girls Who Met In Hospital Reunite For “Survivors” Photo-shoot



Young Girls Who Met In Hospital Reunite For “Survivors” Photo-shoot

Two years after beating cancer, four young girls reunited for a celebratory photoshoot, and the pictures are all sorts of incredible. McKinley, Chloe, Ava, and Lauren, were all diagnosed with cancer and were treated at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

The little girls all had different types of cancer, but they all met when being treated in the same ward. The four instantly became very close friends and spent as much time with each other as they could while going through treatments.

Lauren’s mom, Shawna Glynn, said, “She’s three years old and doesn’t have any hair, but all her friends in the hospital look the same way. So it kind of gave her some normality.”

“It was just always a breath of fresh air to see a familiar face, and to know that she wasn’t alone in there.” Another mom added.

The girls’ close relationship also helped their parents cope a little better, dealing with such a trying period in not just their kids’ lives, but theirs as well.

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“From the standpoint of a mom, too, having other moms to relate to has been phenomenal. Just to have other people going through it at the same time as us.” Karen Moore, McKinley’s mom said.

“It gives me chills, it makes me want to cry. I mean, I love these kids as if they were my own, for sure. They’re awesome.” Paige Ward, a nurse at Johns Hopkins who took care of all the girls explained.

They may be just little girls, but the hurdles they have been able to overcome at such tender ages are incredibly amazing. What’s even more special about their story, is the beautiful friendship they have all been able to build while fighting such tough battles.

The girls have all beaten cancer, with Lauren finishing her treatment not too long ago and set to start kindergarten soon. The girls are also happy that they now have their long hair back as well and are planning to have their reunions every year.

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