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15 Signs You and Your Significant Other May Need Couples Therapy.

1. You stop talking to each other
Most problems come from a lack of communication and misunderstanding. Communication breakdowns are hard to bounce back from, but a therapist can intervene and teach you both the right way to speak to each other.

2. Constant bickering
Negative communication like daily arguments over trivial things or devolving into insults and character shaming. Such behavior will make a spouse feel judged, insecure, or unwanted, effectively wearing down their will to stay together.

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3. Fear of “rocking the boat”
Instead of being forthcoming with feelings, we swallow them because we just can’t handle the discomfort of bringing things up. Be it something big like money, or something that may seem trivial like doing the dishes, a marriage therapist can teach a couple how to air their grievances in a healthy way.

4. Withholding affection to punish
This includes the silent treatment, refusing hand holding, and or withholding sex. One partner will get angry about something and completely cut their spouse off as a means of punishing them for their behavior. A well-balanced couple doesn’t feel the need to punish each other as a parent would a child.

5. Feeling as though you’re sleeping with the enemy
If you feel like you are becoming adversaries as opposed to being partners, seek out couple’s counseling for help.

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