10 Common Signs of Potential Thyroid Problems/ Issues.


Thyroid problems are often preceded by seemingly innocent changes in health that most times go ignored. An estimated 15 million Americans have undiagnosed thyroid problems. According to Dr. Robin Miller, a medicine specialist and co-author of  “The Smart Woman’s Guide to MidLife & Beyond”, women in particular should be aware of symptoms of thyroid problems, because women are often as much as 10 times more likely to have a thyroid problem than men. The following symptoms could be a pointer to underlying thyroid issue:

1) Weight loss: A dramatic drop in weight, despite a healthy or increased appetite

2) Unusual heart rate: An increased heart rate or undiagnosed heart palpitations

3) Blood pressure: Unexplainable increase in blood pressure, not attributed to physical activity

4) Nervousness: Anxiety not triggered by specific events. In addition, Mayo Clinic also states that mild fatigue and depression can be a trigger.

5) Excessive perspiration: Sweating more than usual

6) Frequent bowel movements: Especially if an increase above normal; may include diarrhea

7) Muscle weakness: Unexplained losses of strength or normal muscle control

8) Trembling hands: Excess shaking, especially if not caused by temperature

9) Goiter: A painless swelling of the neck that may cause difficulty breathing or swallowing

10) Unusual menstrual periods: Shorter and/or lighter periods than past cycles