A mother’s love is one thing that is inexplicably beautiful and powerful. Most if not all mothers would stop at nothing to make sure that her children are safe and protected, even if that meant giving up her own life. The child doesn’t always have to be her own when motherly instincts kick in, that explains why adoptive mothers will take in an orphaned child and love them like her own. We usually think of adoption in the human realm, but there have also been incredible instances of this adoptive love in the animal kingdom.

One day, Alejandra Griffa was in her parking lot at  her home in Argentina, when she heard a muffled cry coming from somewhere nearby. Filled with concern, she followed the noise and it led her straight to a stray mother dog curled up against the cold. Lying next to the mother dog were 6 little puppies who were all snuggled up to her for warmth. But as Alejandra got closer, she noticed something sticking up in the midst of the litter that left her stunned. It was a tiny human hand.

Immediately, Alejandra scooped up the baby girl who was about a month old and rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, doctors said that with time and care the baby would recover from the trauma she had faced and be alright. Her miraculous survival is largely credited to the street dog Alejandra named Way. The baby’s mother had abandoned her, leaving her to die in the cold. Luckily Way found her,and her maternal instincts immediately kicked in.

Despite the fact that Way was very hungry herself and she needed  to take care of her own puppies, Way took the baby in as her own, keeping her safe and warm until help arrived.

With investigations, the Local authorities soon found the baby’s 33 year old mother who was suffering from severe depression and is now receiving psychological help. What a remarkable story of love and compassion! We humans could learn much from Way’s example.