Kylie and Tony Cravens from Illinois, are sending an urgent warning to other parents about the ingredients in children’s cosmetics after their 3-year-old daughter, Lydia, suffered a “severe allergic reaction” that they say left her “eyes swollen and blistered shut with a rash all over her body.” In a post,  Kylie wrote, “I’m making this post because I feel like it is very important to remind parents to be very careful about what we allow our children to have. For Tony and I this was definitely an eye opener and we will be more cautious about acknowledging ingredients and educating ourselves on what is good and bad before purchasing from here on out.

About 8 days ago we bought this makeup set from the Family Dollar here in town. Thinking it was a harmless and non-toxic kids makeup set, and having bought Lydia this same type of thing, just a different brand, we never imagined after spending the day applying it to her eyes and lips that our worst nightmare would come true.

There are 6 different chemicals in this makeup that are commonly known to cause an allergic reaction. Lydia unfortunately was one of those people allergic, and for the past week she has been going through a severe allergic reaction SO SEVERE she had to be admitted to Carle pediatrics in Champaign.

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In 24 hours, our little girl went from 100% healthy to having her eyes swollen and blistered shut with a rash all over her body, that we would have to apply cold packs to every 30 minutes or so because her skin was burning. She was unable to eat much for days because of the blistering and cracking of her lips.

Lydia has been through so much these past few days. Good news is we are home from the hospital today and she is doing better!!! PLEASE be aware of what you are letting your babies have… ESPECIALLY kids cosmetics…. so this doesn’t happen to your child.”

Two days later, Lydia’s dad, Tony, added another heartbreaking post about his child’s health. He wrote, “I usually don’t do this. It’s usually my wife that does the posting, but as I sit here and watch my baby girl sleep, I can’t do anything but weep uncontrollably. All the tears that I have watched my baby girl cry, all the screams in pain and all the times she would say, ‘I hate being sick daddy’ — I’m not man enough for this. I don’t wanna hear any more screams or ring out any more cold rags to lay across my baby’s face or across her back. I just want this to be over. I wanna wake up in the morning and see her get out of bed on her own, or the first thing she wants to do is play kitchen. I want to see her smile again.”

Kylie, Lydia’s mom, told Love What Matters that she knows a lot of parents buy these products for their children thinking they are harmless, never imagining that something would happen to their child “like what has happened to our Lydia.” On March 22, the family provided an update that their little girl is slowly but surely feeling better.

“Please!!! Check ingredients thoroughly before purchasing. If you’re going to allow things like this for your children, just know what it is you’re exposing them to,” she said.  “Lydia is doing great, we have had big improvements in the last 24 hrs. Still has some itching but the burning is gone. Hives are still on her face and neck but those to are starting to fade. SHE IS SMILING AGAIN.”She added.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar told Love What Matters they have “not heard from the family directly” but are “pleased to hear that Lydia is recovering from her allergic reaction.”