A cat by the name Rubble, who might just be oldest cat in the world recently celebrated its 30th birthday with a party at a vets in Exeter, Devon. Rubble, who lives with owner Michele Heritage, was treated to some of his favorite cat food and a free check-up to mark his birthday. Michele said, “He’s a lovely cat, although he has got a little grumpy in his old age.”

Michele further revealed that Rubble came into the now 50-year-old’s life as a cute kitten in 1988. “It was just before my 20th birthday when I got him. He was part of a litter cat that my sister’s friend had and I had just left home. I was lonely living on my own so got him in as a kitten. It was in May 1988.” She said.

“’City Vets have been a huge help in keeping him healthy. Rubble suffers from high blood pressure so he needs regular medication.”She added.

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Rubble who is the equivalent of 137 human years,  is a big fluffy Maine Coon type cat and in great condition for his age. Shaun Moore, from City Vets said he is the oldest cat on their books. He said, “We recently had this amazing cat in for a check up and to celebrate his 30th birthday. Rubble is quite likely to be the oldest cat in the UK and is still going strong. He is on medication for his blood pressure but apart from that, he is in remarkably good health being.”

“He enjoyed a free check up, some cat milk and Felix pouches, and less appreciated a free supply of medication for the next month as his birthday present from City Vets.”he said.