Most of us have encountered the occasional wrong number text or call, but nobody’s had quite the same luck as this family! A seemingly simple text ended up being a literally life-changing experience for the Tennessee family. A young woman asking for an opinion on her dress texted the wrong number, and it ended up going to a father of 6. Tony Wood didn’t think much of it when he received a text from an unfamiliar number sending pictures of a dress and looking for approval. But after providing a witty reply to student, Sydney Uselton, which included a photo of his 5 adorable children giving a thumbs-up, the transaction was deemed Twitter-worthy by Uselton’s friend, where they posted the conversation thread and it fast went viral.

Wood’s initial text response read, “I believe this message was intended for someone else. My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!” However, as it turned out, that response wouldn’t be the last to come from the resulting Twitter thread. A family friend of the Wood’s saw the trending post and brought it to their attention.

The father of six then responded through his real estate group’s twitter account, offering some more information about himself and his sweet family. Noting that the thread had now made his children “Twitter famous” Wood explained that two of his family members weren’t in the photo, one being his wife, Rachel, who humorously added her own approval of the dress, while the other was their 6 year old son, Kaizler, who was going through chemotherapy when the photo was taken.

Wood further shared that his son was diagnosed with pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just 4 years old. “My 2nd youngest (not pictured, he was at chemo clinic) has a FB page for his fight against leukemia and one of our Prayer Warriors recognized the children! He was acting a little lethargic and had a sporadic temperature. He either had a severe viral infection or leukemia. We’ve never prayed so hard for a viral infection in our lives. So, we went to Children’s Mercy (in Kansas City, Mo), and the day before Christmas Eve in 2015, we found out our son was diagnosed with leukemia.”

After his diagnosis, the family made a Facebook group called Prayers for Kaizler, where family and friends can find up-to-date information on his health and well-being. And while it’s heartwarming to experience the moments when he’s doing well, it’s heartbreaking to see those when he’s in pain. Like in 2016, when Kaizler ended up near death although he was in remission. Wood says, “You quickly realize that treatment is just as dangerous as the disease. He was having silent seizures, he stopped breathing, and had to be intubated and life-flighted to the PICU at Children’s Mercy. That was probably the scariest moment I’ve faced in my life.”

Kaizler on Christmas day 2015, just after being diagnosed with leukemia

However, just the next day the Woods took to the Facebook page to share a photo of smiling Kaizler. “If I had half the strength that he does, nothing in this life could stop me,” Wood says of his son, sharing that it’s been hard dealing with the stress of it all, in addition to the financial deficit. “I’ve had to swallow my pride on a few occasions throughout this scenario. It’s kind of a punch in the face, but sometimes you learn you just need help.”

Little Kaizler smiling at a nurse after having a health scare.

And it seems that from the viral tweet, help is exactly what Kaizler’s family is getting, as a growing number of people have generously contributed to his family’s GoFundMe. Wood revealed, “I’ve been shocked and amazed! People started joining Kaizler’s group from this whole situation. As far as the GoFundMe, the support has been overwhelming and has successfully driven my wife and I to tears on more than one occasion.”

Kaizler and his siblings get ready to head to Disney World with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Having had Kaizler’s donation page open for the past two years, the Wood family had only raised $2,000 of their $10,000 goal. But in the days since the tweet received widespread attention, donations have reached nearly $30,000. As for their 15 minutes of fame, only the two eldest know what Twitter is, and their only area of concern seems to be whether or not they’ll get onto the Ellen Degeneres Show. “A bunch of people have been tagging ‘the Ellen Show. That would be pretty stinking awesome to go meet Ellen, but I’m not holding my breath!” Wood said.